Saying Goodbye to Leslie Knope

leslie and annLeslie Knope is a goddess, a glorious female warrior.

I have watched the entire series of Parks and Recreation at least 7 times through. I can tell you not only what episode a quote is from, but also the season and placement with embarrassing accuracy. I cannot fully explain what is so perfect about this show, but it has been my go to Netflix binge whenever I’m feeling sad, overworked, hung over, or just super uncool. I think part of the appeal—aside from the spot on humor—is Leslie Knope’s shinning positivity. Whatever problem is thrown at her, Leslie rolls up her sleeves, makes a color-coded chart, and gets shit done. She is the feminist rant spewing, waffle-loving, Ka-booming badass that women needed in television. And she will be sorely missed.

Leslie Knope became the hero we could all look up to because:

She gave us a new national holiday.

galentinesdaygalentineShe knows how to give the best compliments.

cuterousleslieknope-list-mothShe stands by her principles.

leslie saladShe’s a Harry Potter girl.

leslie hp leslie hp leslie hpShe is super chill all the time.

leslie super chillShe married a fellow feminist.

ben makes pieShe is crazy organized…

leslie organizedBut girl can still have fun.

leslie plannerleslie drunkleslie danceShe’s not afraid to let her friends know she needs them.

leslie reassureAnd she never, ever gave up on herself.

leslie-knope-selfamy-poehler-often-inspired-by-myselfleslie knope uni

So pour out a shot of Snake Juice for our one true unicorn goddess, presidential princess, Leslie Knope.